How many frames is the window for Ibuki's super jump cancel to command dash after her target combo 6?

I've been going back and forth with trying to land this for over a year now.  I can land it in matches occasionally, but never EVER consistently.  Even in training mode my timing seems exactly the same everytime I do it and sometimes it will work and sometimes it won't.  I was just wondering if anyone knew how close do you really have to be?  How many frames is that window to put in the command?  Also I've heard people say when you're supposed to input the command but I was wondering if any Ibuki pros out there had any screenshots of what position Ibuki should be in when the command is input to get the best result.



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Sorry. I meant specifically her target combo 6. Lp, Mp, d.Hk, Hk. The last hard kick is not special move cancelable. You can super jump cancel it though into her command dash for a mix up, but the timing is very strict. Any timing tricks to help pull it off consistently would be greatly appreciated.


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Rep: 61're trying to command dash out of a target combo? There's no super jump cancel needed for that. Just cancel the last hit of the target combo.


You need to sjc if you want to command dash out of close hard kick.


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Chris Edwards
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