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When should I use Balrog's turn punch? I know it's useful for getting through projectiles but I sometimes see players use it on characters that don't even have a projectile. Is it just to get in? Also how can I hide and maintain a level 1 TAP because I would be charging and either the projectile I'm looking for doesn't happen or it becomes a level 2+ and unsafe.



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i use it to:


- go thru projectiles (as you stated)

- punish predictable focus attacks since it has armor break

- escape on wake-up if someone is trying to cross you up - it will put you far away and reset the scenario. - check second round.

- keep pressure on by allowing you to walk forward and charge it up at the same time (since everyone is expecting rog to be holding down back).

- its also a good way to kill by chip since it can be released unpredicatably and travels nearly full screen.


I hide the turn punches by pressing x3 just as i land from a jump back so you cant blatently see it being charged. you can also charge while your in block stun. also you can use start up frames of fierce and roundhouse to hide it - for example you can do (sweep) and as its coming out hold down x3.


youtube my videos - soulfunknjazz balrog


hope this helps!


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