Defensive struggles - the cross-up

I feel like I'm getting dominated mainly due to my poor defense and inability to block some jump-ins.  It's terribly ambiguous as to which way to block, and I seem to guess wrong more often then not.  Most of the characters can convert this cross-up (or fake cross-up) into big damage, and its losing me tons of games.


The characters that give me the most cross-up trouble are:




Fei Long



Is there any hope to block these cross-ups?  What should I look for when trying to block these jump-ins?



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Some alternatives include backdashing and the potential hit from your air state could lead to just an air-flopping reset situation if you didn't want to deal with big damage or simply EX out of there if your character can do that.


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Huy Tran
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The real only thing I can tell you is that if the your opponent takes a step backwards, they will most likely end up in front of you. If they walk forwards, they'll cross you up.


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