Problem with Guile against Ken/Ryu Char

Hi, I'm maining Guile and recently I've been on a lose streak against the same guy who is maining Ken/Ryu (switching one after another), the guy is not that skillful but the deal is:


Every now and then at start of the match he used to jump in at me probably he thinks I'd throw a sonic boom at start, but instead I always crouch down and hit him with flash kick. However, later on in the game, once in a while when he jumps in at me while I'm in crouch down position, I try to execute flash kick or crouch down + HP but none executed (I just appeared idle and I can´t figure out the reason) and I just get knocked out. I really need help and some great advice from you high level guile players on this issue cuz it's the thing that made me lose against him almost everytime.



created Feb 8 '12 @ 10:20 by:

Sq Li
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Is it possible that you're just getting crossed-up? He might be moving forward before he commits to a jump, in which case, he might have changed directions on you.


created May 1 '12 @ 23:04 by:

Huy Tran
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You maybe exciting a ms to late or you pad or stick or tv has input lag are you using wireless or wired


created Feb 8 '12 @ 12:48 by:

Quang Hy
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it's wireless, but since I thought it might have been the problem I plugged the wire in but didn't seem to solve the problem tho. It might be that I executed it too late. Not sure really. Any alternative solution? - Sq Li Feb 8 '12 @ 12:53

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