Trial 14 M bison

I am trying to complete the 14th trial of  M bison(J.HP->S.HP->Psycho Crusher).

However no matter what I try I can't  seem to combo into the psycho crusher after

the standing high punch in time.I've tried charging after the jump but if I try doing a

forward punch immediatedly after the standing hp it won't work.I noticed in youtube

that people are getting to imput the psychocrusher even before mbison's animation

for standing high punch even completes.What is it that I am not doing correctly?



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Thanks STV for your response.I guess something might be wrong with my timing or technique as you suggested.

I'm not sure what it is trying sometimes for like 15 mins on a strectch.I notice that if the 2 H.P gets blocked the PC comes out no problem.


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Keep at it man. Perserverance is the key to these combos. Sooner or later muscle memory will kick in and it'll happen. - STV Jun 14 '12 @ 21:21

Start charging back the second you see the jump animation start, you need to give this maximal charge.

If thats what you are doing then i guess go into training mode, turn on input display and make sure your inputs are spot on. There isn't any trickery involved with this combo, it's one of bison's bread'n'butter combos, just requires charging the moment you can and correct inputs.

Good luck



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