Which tips should I know to get a better execution ?

I've got my first stick recently (I bought it for shoot'em'up games) and I want to get into the world of VS Fighting game. 

I bought SSF4 AE to start learning about the game, read a moderate number of topics about the game, for beginners or high level players. 


Sadly, when I go to the training room, even if I can execute basic moves, I can't execute BnB combos or pass the Trials. Plus, when I play versus another player or even versus a computer, I can't execute moves anymore, I panic and it's even hard to do a shoryuken for me.


Do you have any advice so that I can train better ? 


I think the game isn't about execution but more about zone control, mind game and that kind of thing, but I can't enjoy that side of the game without a good execution, maybe there is a character who doesn't need good execution ?


Thanks in advance.




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Blanka n Honda r character that dont need advanced combos: W/Honda u can do good damage simply by Jump-in n S. HK, n Blanka only needs simple combos like jump-in any punch and keep pressing lp (electricity comes out after lp),shenanigans and proyectiles punishes. GL : ) - OK KLUNE Jul 22 '12 @ 0:59

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