Whats the difference between Battle Points & Player Points?

As per the title, what is the difference between these two types of points?



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PP stands for Player Points. BP stands for Battle Points.


PP is essentially your overall skill as measured by the game and your wins and losses, regardless of what character you're using.


BP measures your skill with a specific character which can also go up and down. The grades that you see, D, D+, C, etc... those are based on your character BP and give your opponent an idea of how good you are with that character. There's also an achievement for getting all characters to C grade or above.


The reason for this separation of points is because Capcom noticed that there were players that would create entirely new accounts on PSN specifically for different characters for stat tracking and BP. If you mained Ryu and Blanka in SF4, your BP was always a reflection on your play as a whole. You might have had a ton of BP but were playing with a character you've never used before, but your BP doesn't reflect that in vanilla. So if you were a Ryu/Blanka mainer and decided that you wanted to try a little of Rose, your ton of BPs would make your opponent think, "holy crap... he must be a godly Rose player".


BP being character specific lets you go ahead and play anyone you want and give yourself and others an accurate idea of how good you are with that character.



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BP or "Battle Points are the amount of points earned for the current character you've chosen. If you use a certain character in Ranked Battles, that character will earn BP. It's like XP for all the characters you use in ranked battles and varies depending on how you've done with those characters. PP or "Player Points" are more of an indicator of how you've done as a player in Ranked Battles. This stays constant no matter what character you use.


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