What is the timing on comboing Cody's Criminal Upper to Dead End Irony (Super Combo), (Trial Combo 15)

Im trying to do Cody's Trial Combo 15 and I'm having problems following the Criminal Upper to the Dead End Irony (Super Combo).

My first thought is that you might have to FADC from the Criminal Upper into the Super Combo, but I really don't think that is required.

If a FADC is not required, is there a certain button that should be used for the Criminal Upper and for the Super Combo?  The Criminal Upper will propel the opponent higher in the air the stronger the punch, and the Dead End Irony's initial kick will attack low, medium or high based on the respective strength of the kick.

With that said, I'm guessing it should be the HP Criminal Upper and the Super Combo with the LK.




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It is a cancel, not a link. You need to do a standing Fierce punch, cancel into the Criminal Upper then cancel the Criminal Upper into Super:


Standing Fierce, QCB+P, QCFx2+K


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(IMO) c.HP HK Ruffian cancel into his super is a better option especially after a focus attack


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