What is Cody's best combo to punish whiffed moves with?

I'm looking for the best combos to punish an opponent with Cody in two different situations:

  • When the opponent whiffs a move with fast recovery (e.g. Ryu's LP Shoryuken)
  • When the opponent whiffs a move with a large window of recovery (e.g. Ryu's HP Shoryuken, stunned, crumpling from a Level 2 Focus Attack or higher, etc)

Ultra combos are assumed, so there is no need to mention those as starters.

A breakdown of what is possible with super meter and without would be greatly appreciated as well.

Remember this is for all Cody players out there not just me so the more detailed the better.



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For quick recovery moves like a whiffed lp SRK I like to punish with cr.MP, HP Criminal Upper. The crouching MP has a lot of reach and comes out quick enough to capitalize on the whiff and it does a bunch of damage. This along with st. HP, HP Criminal Upper, if they're closer, are my go to moves that I find useful against most characters. If you aren't feeling the Criminal Uppers you can substitute with LK or MK Ruffian Kicks.


For a whiff that has a longer recovery it depends. If the opponent ends up standing rather close and I have the meter for it (3 bars) I'll go for HK Ruffian Kick, FADC, EX Criminal Upper (you can add a cr. MP at the beginning if you want). It does good damage and is worth the 3 bars. If only 2 meter bars are available I like HK Ruffian Kick, FADC, HK Ruffian Kick. If I have no meter I'll go with jp. HK, Jawcrusher (st. back MP), cr LP, MP Criminal Upper (cut out the jp. HK if they're close enough). You can also try jp. HK, Jawcrusher, cr. LP, cr. MP, HP Criminal Upper although it's a bit more difficult to pull off.


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My favorite whiff punisher to use that doesn't burn any meter is Close HP, Crouching MP, HP Criminal Upper. The link between Close HP and Crouching MP is a two-frame link, so it is very manageable if you practice the timing. In addition to doing solid damage, this combo inflicts a lot of stun, and if you follow up with another combo you can easily put your opponent into a stun state.


Also, if you have the time for it after a whiffed move, neutral jump HP is the most damaging jump in you can start with, and it also provides a lot of hit stun giving you plenty of time to follow up with whatever it is you'd like to follow up with.


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