Super Street Fighter IV Tier List - May 2010


How accurate do you feel this Tier List is at this point in time. Are there any match-ups you strongly disagree with?



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I can't say that I disagree with M. Bison (Dictator) moving up so much in the tiers, nor can I disagree with Rufus being the significant #1 now (his new ultra is shockingly good, imo).  Dictator is my main, and every one of his strategies just feels simpler to pull off.


The great thing about this list, though, is that I dont think there are any 7's to see at all (and very few 6.5's).  It's a testiment to how much tweaking and balancing Capcom did to SSF4.


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Id say that its accuracy likely poor in regards to the new characters and less played characters. For example, how do you accuratly gauge matches like Hakan vs Mokoto or Gen vs Guy at this point in the game. In addition, there will inevitably be things that will discovered in the comming months that will likely shake up the tier lists. In vanilla for example, Blanka and Bison where intially top tier while Akuma was mid and C.Viper was low. Over time the latter two rose substantially as more was learned about them while the former both dropped.


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Honestly I don't think calling people and asking opinions is the way to do a tier list.  I'm not trashing Filipino Champ or iplaywinner at all but seriously?


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I agree with most of it but they clearly state this is going to be changing as the game matures... there's nothing wrong with doing a tier list of top player's current view on the situation. I dont see them proclaiming that this is the end all be all of all tier lists.


Good shiz ipw.


(thumbs up to trevor)


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I don't think there is anything wrong with asking the top players their opinion either, but IMHO it seems all the top characters are the ones the top players are most familiar with.  Raw XBL or Arcade data would be useful, but then it justs seems to be who is easiest to win with.


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